Mental Space Psychology

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Mental Space Psychology EN 2

Psychotherapeutic Evidence for a New Paradigm.

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Mental Space Psychology EN 2

Mental space psycholgy

“Space is the primary organizing principle in the mind”

Thanks to fast growing insights, it has become evident that psychology awaits a turnaround: a paradigm shift in the next decade.
Now still a science in which behavior, neuroscience, cognition and linguistics are central, in the next decennia will be dominated by mental space.

This will automatically imply a synthesis between academic research and psychotherapeutic practice. In this book the field of spatial cognition meets experience from therapeutic work. To some readers it may still sounds like science fiction, but this develoment was already slumbering for three decades.

Lucas Derks combines his fascination for the mind with insights acquired as researcher, trainer and therapist. In mental space psychology every type of experience and form of cognition, emotion and perception is regarded from how these are located in the 3-D space in and around the person.

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  1. claudie

    Very inspiring! Not as easy to read as many other books of this author. If you are capable and willing to put aside some of our assumptions and see the world from a new perspective, I can certainly recommend this.

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